As part of our management duties we can arrange for the placing and adequacy of the insurance for your properties and would review the policy along with the renewal terms annually. As part of the overall management of your portfolio we ensure that all buildings insurance is in place and in accordance with the requirements of any leases or tenancy agreements that exist. This will include an adequate level of building sum insured; cover for loss of rent, if applicable and appropriate given the terms of the tenancy; terrorism if commercial property and property owner’s liability cover from between £1 and £10 million.

Directors & Officers Liability provides indemnity to the Director or Officer for their liability in respect of claims (including allegations) made against them arising from any wrongful acts committed in their capacity as Director or Officer of a company. Cover includes investigations by regulators. The product is suitable for Private limited companies or companies in the 'not for profit' sector including Residential Associations, Charities and Clubs that are financially stable, with strong management controls and employment practices.

Lawton Prior and Mecklenburgh cannot provided you with specific advice in relation to any insurance contract nor make any specific recommendation of any insurance company. We hold agencies with Royal Sun Alliance and Zürich insurance companies so if deemed appropriate and with your written consent we can place the insurance with one of these companies.

Below are examples of the most popular insurance policies placed on behalf of our clients, but would be more than happy to discuss your requirements further once our terms of engagement have been completed